Here are all the frequently asked questions you may have before you come to visit us. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact us and we will answer them for you!


The activity between boarding at the port, the 10 minutes of extreme experience and the return lasts approximately 30 minutes.

The Seabreacher is an extreme vessel, where intense G forces are experienced, we do not recommend its experience to people suffering from dizziness, heart problems or hypertension. There are also physical limitations in terms of weight (maximum 100 kg) and height (maximum 195 cm) or people with reduced mobility.

Boarding is done on the floating walkway located on the “Platgeta”, on the side of the boarding of the tourist cruises. Radikal Shark staff will be waiting for you to give you instructions and assist in the boarding process. You can check the location of the boarding on the map provided. The activity will take place in front of the large beach of L’Estartit, half a mile from the port.

The experience must be performed with a mask, both the pilot and the passenger, and the cabin will be properly disinfected after each trip. The pilot and the passenger must not show any symptoms of illness and the temperature will be taken before boarding.

At Radikal Shark we are aware of the current situation and for cancellations more than 24 hours in advance we will proceed to the full refund of the trip or issue a gift voucher, if the cancellation occurs within the same day, regrettably you will not be able to recover the payment made. Cancellations by Radikal shark as a result of adverse weather factors will always be paid.

Thanks to the 260 horse power our Seabreacher, can reach dizzying speeds, of up to 80 km per hour , jumps where we will take you up to 5 meters out of the water and we can dive up to 2.5 meters and keep this depth for several seconds. It is a truly revolutionary and unique boat.

The time factor is very important to us! We need you to be punctual and in the boarding area 20 minutes before the time you have booked.

We are sorry, but due to the characteristics of the trip you cannot carry anything in your pockets or hands, this is especially important because the spaces are small and the manoeuvres that will be performed will take you upside down on several occasions! You will be able to leave your belongings safely with our ground staff.

The activity is carried out in a closed cabin, but depending on the manoeuvres we can splash lightly or if you wish, we can give you a “shark bath”. You choose!

Our Fareharbor automatic booking platform only accepts card payments, but if you book through other channels such as Instagram, Facebook, email or telephone booking, you can pay in cash prior to boarding.

Our base port is the Estartit Nautical Club. But if there is a group reservation like the Megalodon pack, or there is a minimum of 10 people we can move to any port. Ask us for travel rates that will include mileage and crane or nautical services.

The Seabreacher is not an ordinary boat, its piloting is more like an airplane than a ship and you need appropriate and specific training to pilot it. We offer special 4-hour piloting courses aimed at being a Seabreacher pilot.


We know you have made your decision!, make your reservation now. Get ready for a unique experience, which you will want to share with everyone!